The power and versatility 
Most complex and expandable system on the market for any residential project, offers large variety of keypads, from basic monochrome display to cutting-edge colour touch screens.
Single-Button Operation 
Arm the system, turn lights on and off, send a page, or display time with the press of one button at the keypad.
32 reasons to feel safe 
Supports up to 32 electronic sensors to provide comprehensive intruder detection as well as smoke, fire, flood, freeze, or deadly carbon monoxide.
Peace of mind
Three different arming settings available. You can arm your alarm Away, Stay or Night mode.
We customize all alarm system individually to your property and security needs to offer highest level of protection at all time. With Honeywell alarm system you can feel secured regardless you are at home or not.
User codes
System setup, arming and disarming functions are controlled by 4-digit keypad codes. These codes are chosen by you and can be shared with household members and trusted quests or service professionals. With interactive Total Connect service you simply manage keypad codes online.
"Back door open"
Honeywell Alarm works even disarmed. The alarm keypad will instantly chime when one of secured doors or windows get opened

More sophisticated keypads also talk! You hear the system status in plain English with precise zone descriptions.
Via phone line, wifi, Ethernet or 
Digital cellular communicator which provides safe and reliable uninterrupted protection – even if the phone, internet or broadband is down.

In the event of a power outage, the system will operate on backup battery power for 24 hours.
Total Connect
Arm or disarm your system and control lighting, locks, and thermostats from wherever you are. You can also personalize your parameters remotely, check the state of the system and detectors.

Instant Connection
to Emergency Response
When an alarm occurs, Vista panel instantly connects to the monitoring station and emergency services are dispatched as required. Our high-tech centres actively ensure your protection 24 hours a day.
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